for clarity's sake

I’ve been working in For Clarity’s Sake for almost a year. I like to describe it (like other projects I’ve been working on lately) as interactive poetry. It started as a physical installation involving sewing thread and dry plum tree branches, followed by a series of macro photographs I took before getting rid of the object. At that time I was only thinking about keeping the pictures, but I liked the metaphor of the naked branches as a way to open oneself to the world around and started writing, taking notes and finally decided to turn all that material into an interactive poem. I’ve decided to include these annotations hoping they will help the user get a little closer to the work.

1. For Clarity's Sake (strange attractors)   Flash MX / 7.0 Movie
2. For Clarity's Sake Production Notes   Gif Images Slideshow.
3. For Clarity's Sake (Soundtrack Loop)   MP3 Audio File