unresponsiveness / responsiveness screensavers

luziano testi paul - Friday, September 07, 2007

I spent a few days with the Unresponsiveness and Responsiveness files in my digital camera’s memory card. My hard drive was having problems and I knew that it was just a matter of time until it blew up so I ordered another one. That’s why I didn’t care to download the photos I’ve taken at all. And when finally the HD crashed you know how it is, you have to reinstall all the software from scratch, then you realized you forgot to backup a crucial piece of information, etc. It took me almost a whole week to put everything back together. Well, together, I guess it’s more of an internal process; when instead of trying to replicate something you decide to put together a new order. Then you get the last bit of energy left and complete the task.

This is the second time I loose information this year. My previous machine, SacredHeart decided to stop pumping one day and well, it’s still sitting there. But I just don’t care anymore for the information stored in it. I’ll just format it and set it up as an mp3 server or a storage machine.

So well, I finally had a functional machine and downloaded the photos from the camera… I was really exhausted, the room full of boxes and anti static plastic bags, etc. I played with them a little – there wasn’t much I could do since the only program I had was the JPG viewer – then realized there were some very consistent series in them… I thought about printing some but I don’t really like doing that… so I was tired, surrounded by boxes, screwdrivers and cables and since Windows comes with the default screensaver active, all of the sudden the screen goes black and displays the Windows XP logo. That’s how I decided to put a couple of photos together as screensavers.

Castaway (Lifesaver)

Castaway (Lifesaver) (12 Digital Photographs switched every 6 seconds using Windows XP MyPictures Screensaver).
This is actually the biggest series, 12 digital photos that of course I automated. I wanted to achieve exactly the same perceived color temperature of the spot I had on my studio, so It was a trial and error process, where I had to exit the room and oome back in with refreshed eyes to see if the colors matched or not.

Unresponsiveness Screensaver

Unresponsiveness (Screensaver)
(4 Digital Photographs 1024x768 JPG randomly switched every 6 seconds using a variant of Windows XP MyPictures Screensaver library),
For the living room the Unresponsiveness series was the obvious choice, so I went ahead, retouched the color balance a little to match the new bulb (I’ve changed the cheap one for a better one since there was some distortion that produced a nasty red line on the background). Fairly easy since there were only 4 photos, but still this is my favorite of all the screensavers.

Responsiveness Screensaver

Responsiveness (Screensaver) (8 Digital Photographs 1600x1200 PNG switched every 6 seconds)
And then the original screensaver I made for the studio, well, to be honest, this was the original photoshoot I published on the web, I just picked the images and run them as a screensaver but then realized they had a lot of contrast and did not match the studio light at all, so that’s why I started working on the Castaway (Lifesaver) Series, which is basically the same set of photographs just that with a lot less contrast and saturation.